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Plus Tesla preps its Dojo

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The breakdown

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  • Adobe lights up its new Firefly models.

  • Tesla is seemingly building a home for its AI supercomputer.

  • AMD acquires AI startup Nod Labs.

  • AI experts suggest AGI is already here.

  • Three awesome AI apps to try out.

  • Plus some recommendations and reviews.

AI news

Source: Adobe Firefly (Model 2). Prompt: A robotic firefly

Adobe is all in on Firefly

Creative software behemoth Adobe has announced several updates based on its Firefly generative AI technology.

Adobe’s Image Model 2 will take over from Firefly Model 1 (which, from my experience, was already one of the best image generation tools around). Image Model 2 will also feature camera-like effects, including bokeh, motion blur, and more.

Generative Match will allow users to add an existing image to a generative prompt, allowing the AI to copy the style, color, and lighting of the original.

Finally, Firefly Vector will let users generate vector graphics from a text prompt in Illustrator. Interestingly, Adobe promises vector outputs will be split into logical parts, allowing for easier manipulation after the fact.

Adobe’s new AI features are all in beta right now, but it’s expected they will roll out publicly soon.

Tesla’s Texas Dojo

Tesla is reportedly making plans to house an AI supercomputer at its Gigafactory in Texas. Sources for The Information say the company has established a “bunker-like” facility at the plant, and that it will save as a home for Tesla’s Dojo.

For the uninitiated, Dojo is a system for running multimodal neural networks, ostensibly designed to help improve Tesla’s self-driving technology. The Information speculates Dojo could ultimately have even more uses, including as a cloud services platform. Personally, I would like to see Elon solve the humans on Mars thing before he starts trying to compete with AWS.

AMD snaps up Nod

Chip giant AMD has announced its intention to acquire AI startup Nod.AI, which is sometimes referred to as Nod Labs. Financial terms of the arrangement have not been disclosed, but AMD says it expects to close the deal this quarter.

Nod Labs develops reinforcement learning systems, an AI technology that builds its knowledge base through trial and error. Nod Labs contributes much of its output to the open-source community.

AGI is here… Apparently

Artificial general intelligence (AGI), is broadly spoken about as a type of AI that outpaces human intelligence. While many have suggested AGI is at least a decade away, computer scientists Blaise Agüera y Arcas and Peter Norvig argue we are already in the shadow of the future.

Agüera y Arcas and Norvig say existing LLMs (which they describe as “frontier language models”) are capable of performing well at a variety of information-based tasks. The duo therefore posit that, many years from now, we may be talking about these LLMs as the first instances of AGI.


Are existing LLMs like ChatGPT and Bard really the first signs of AGI?

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Results from our last poll: Should health facilities continue to partner with Google on AI projects?

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AI tools you should try

Canva Magic Design (free): Canva has long been one of the most accessible platforms when it comes to graphic design, but now the service has gone further with its AI-powered Magic Design feature. You can use text prompts to create a variety of content, including social media posts, newsletter banners, documents, and more. Magic Design is still in beta, but it’s already showing serious potential.

Clipdrop (free with paid options): Built by the team behind Stable Diffusion, Clipdrop is a great resource for your AI graphic needs. You’ll find Stable Diffusion XL image generation (naturally), as well as object removal, photo relighting, and more. Definitely a service worth bookmarking.

QRCraft (free with paid options): Although QR codes have been around for quite a while, they became more ubiquitous during the pandemic. But if you are going to add a QR code to your business card, why not make it something special. QRCraft allows you to create a unique image-based QR code using a text prompt. The results are high quality and you can even adjust the AI parameters to increase the creativity of your QR code.

Best bets

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